From the Canton, Ohio area, Come Wind is a progressive indie band who combine joyful passion with honest calculation. The band is perched on the cusp of their second release, entitled Grow My Roots. Produced by Matt McClellan (The Overseer, O'Brother, My Epic) at Glow In The Dark Studios, Grow My Roots seeks to mold the band's raw temperament into a well crafted experience that is simultaneously exciting and intricate. As a merger of precise instrumentation and inviting listenability, Grow My Roots stands to further establish Come Wind's honed sound. The record drops September 11, 2012.

Having traveled through three regional tours, Come Wind is developing a loyal fanbase. In addition to the circuits they've run, the band has played a number of large festivals throughout Ohio. In conjunction with performing live, Come Wind has done radio and television licensing campaigns, receiving airplay on stations throughout the country. The band expects to follow up their new release with a tour this September. More than anything, the four members of Come Wind are thrilled to continue making music together and progressing down the path ahead of them.

Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live.

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